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Pan Nails Salon services and prices

Manicures and Pedicures

A mani-pedi is an inexpensive way to pamper yourself, and a necessary touch for any special occasion outfit. Top it off with a facial and eyelash extensions.
Manicure $12
Express Pedicure $18
Basic Pedicure $25
Deluxe Pedicure $35
Basic Mani/Pedi Combo $35
Add Paraffin Hot Wax + $5
Facial $22
Eyelash Extensions $25 & up

Acrylic and UV Gel Nails

Our synthetic nails are a beautiful choice that not only look good, but can hide cosmetic flaws, help to stop nail biting, and strengthen weak or broken nails.
Acrylics $25 & up/set
UV Gels$40 & up/set
Powder Gels$35/set
Acrylic Fill $15 & up
UV Gel Fill $30 & up
Powder Gel Fill $25 & up
Pink Only Fill $25 & up
Pink & White Fill $35 & up
Nail Repair $3
Nail Removal $10
Cut Down $3 & up
nail polish change and art

Nail Art and Polish Changes

Personalize your nails with nail art or french polish. Or freshen up your look with a quick change of polish. Also, be sure to check out our Rock Star Nails and 3D art!
Nail Art 2/$5
10/$10 & up
3D Nail Art $3 & up
Polish Change Hands: $6
Feet: $10
French Tips Hands: $10 & up
Feet: $13
Add French Tips to a Service + $5
Shellac / Gel Polish & Manicure $20
Gel Polish & Manicure $30
Magnetic Polish & Manicure $19
get ready for the sun with our waxing services

Professional Waxing Services

Waxing is semi-permanent hair removal process that lasts roughly 2-8 weeks. When the hair does grow back, it tends to be softer (after repeated waxings).
Full Leg $45
Half Leg $25
Full Arm $20
Half Arm $12
Underarm $15 & up
Stomach $20
Bikini $30 & up
Cheeks $10 & up
Eyebrows $8
Lip $6
Full Face $25 & up
Feet $10
Hands $10 & up


Trying to decide which type of synthetic nail is right for you? Here's a little info to guide you.


Acrylic nails have been an industry favorite for many years now. Acrylics are applied over the top of natural nails (or just over the nail tips) and harden when exposed to air, providing a strong protective covering. When properly cared for, acrylic nails can last several weeks. As the nail grows out, the wearer will need to come in (every 2-3 weeks) for a fill.


UV Gels are nail extensions that use Ultraviolet light in the setting process to harden the gels onto the nails- a process that takes only a few minutes. They are considered a more eco-friendly choice over acrylic nails. As with acrylic nails, with proper care, UV Gel Nails can last several weeks and will require fills as the nail grows out.


UV Liquid Gels are clearer than regular UV Gels, which creates an even more realistic look. They are shinier, harder and more chip resistant, giving them a longer life span than other synthetic nails.

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1100 Raleigh Blvd. #114, Raleigh, NC 27610 • (919) 743-0110
Mon-Thurs 10am-7pm • Fri-Sat 9:30am-7pm • Sun 12-5pm

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